to move
with ease

Empowering you
to move mindfully

At Compassionate Body Pilates we seek to educate and empower you to develop healthy movement patterns, carried out with both strength and ease.

We recognize each person has a unique body and history with exercise. We give you the tools for understanding your own body and teach you how to move more mindfully in your daily life.

We feel it’s time to recognize a compassionate approach to exercise offers a whole host of benefits; it’s easier to get started and keep going when you show yourself grace and compassion. It creates a connection between your mind and body that will improve your life in ways beyond physical fitness. It’s the greatest strength of pilates to be incredibly adaptable, allowing our teachers to support every individual who comes through the door. That’s exactly why we specialize in small group classes and private sessions.

Women Doing Pilates at Home

Benefits of Pilates

woman in black and white floral brassiere and black pants kneeling on pink yoga mat
Increase strength, stability, and flexibility
An Elderly Couple Exercising Together
Reduce pain and stiffness
girl in teal t-shirt lying on white and black stripe bed
Boost immune system and reduce stress
woman in black and white floral brassiere and black pants kneeling on pink yoga mat
Develop postural awareness and move more efficiently
"After suffering from intermittent backache for several years and finding that I was getting increasingly stiff in the mornings I decided to try Pilates. I was amazed at how quickly I felt the benefits. Those benefits are continuing and Diane has motivated me to keep up the exercises at home between lessons. My flexibility has really improved and with Diane's support and encouragement my backache is much improved. Diane obviously knows her stuff and also makes the lessons very enjoyable. I really wish I had started Pilates years ago."

Gillian, 53

"Diane has been my pilates teacher for over 2 years. I go to her classes two times a week. The difference pilates has made to my stability and suppleness is enormous and I intend to go to her classes as long as she holds them. Diane is a born teacher, she is gentle and caring and always good humoured and approachable."

Penny, 64

"I have suffered with lower back pain for at least five years and took up Pilates on the advice of a physiotherapist as the condition was getting worse. I am so glad I did as after 8 classes I feel stronger and my back feels better than it has felt in years."

Matt, 39

"I began Pilates with Diane after suffering with chronic tension headaches and neck and shoulder pain for many years. Through Pilates I have learnt to become aware of my posture and where I am holding tension. I am now able to do things which previously in other exercise classes I was never able to do pain-free. After a class I feel amazing; fully stretched, energised and tension free! Diane makes you feel relaxed and comfortable and always provides individual attention and alternatives throughout each class."

Emily, 25

"Diane gave me a great introduction to Pilates, and I made progress really quickly. She helped me to feel relaxed and to enjoy the lessons, and I found I could do things that I hadn't realised I would be capable of."

Suzanne, 37

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