Where do I park?

There is free parking on Lake street in front of the studio, behind the bus stop, as well as on the other side of Lake in front of the Montebello Medical Clinic. Albert Street also has free 2 hour parking and is adjacent to the studio. We haven’t had any problems with people finding parking. 

Do I have to bring anything with me?

No, just a positive attitude! We have a water refilling station, and everything else you might need.

What should I wear?
Any clothing you can move easily in. Shoes will be removed at the door, as pilates is done in either socks or barefoot. Sticky socks can be helpful for gripping surfaces if you prefer not to be barefoot. We also have some sticky pads for helping you grip, if needed.
Why is Pilates so expensive in your studio compared to going to a gym class?

We offer a much more personalized experience, with an emphasis on adapting the exercises for each individual. Our teachers are comprehensively trained with many years of collective experience between them. With only 5 in each group we have to have a higher price per person to succeed as a small studio.

Do you offer Physio Pilates?

Not at the moment. We are open to the idea, and are considering the appropriate professional business model before engaging in specific physiotherapy pilates services. If you are under treatment with a physiotherapist, please reach out to let us know, and we can work with you and your physiotherapy provider to determine what may be appropriate in your situation.

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